Korean Won Now Accepted on the App Store

Starting today, the pricing for apps and in-app purchases in the Republic of Korea will change from U.S. Dollars to South Korean Won (KRW). While your proceeds from sales in the Republic of Korea will also change to KRW, you will continue to be paid in the currency you selected for your bank in App Store Connect. 

If you offer auto-renewable subscriptions in the Republic of Korea, they will not be interrupted. All current, preserved, and future scheduled subscription prices will be automatically updated to the price in KRW closest to the original price in U.S. Dollars. Customers with auto-renewable subscriptions have received an email informing them of the currency change. 

Your Sales and Trends reports and monthly financial reports will also be updated. For Sales and Trends reports, KRW will be indicated for transactions after the currency change. For monthly financial reports, earnings from sales that occurred before the currency change will be in the Rest of World (USD) report, and earnings from sales after the currency change will be in a new report specific to KRW.