User Acquisition Marketing with App Analytics

With App Analytics, you can track, test, and quickly iterate on your marketing initiatives to increase downloads and attract the users who will most value the features and benefits your app provides.

Measuring User Acquisition Sources

By understanding which sources drive product page views, downloads, engagement, and monetization, you can focus your efforts on the sources that provide the best results. App Analytics provides a few ways to assess the effectiveness of your user acquisition sources.

See Your Sources of Impressions,
Product Page Views, and Downloads

In the Sources tab, you’ll see a comprehensive overview of where your users are coming from, including your external and internal sources of App Store impressions, product page views, and downloads.

See Your Top Sources of Product Page Views and Downloads
App Store Sources  ·  App Referrers  ·  Web Referrers  ·  Campaigns

App Store Sources shows you how users discover your app while searching or browsing the App Store, including through Search Ads. This data can help you understand whether your marketing efforts result in search queries, and may also indicate whether your App Store metadata, such as your keywords, icon, and app description, are effective in attracting users.

See Which Sources Bring
in the Most Engaged Users

With App Analytics, there are two ways to measure whether an app, a website, or a campaign is effective in bringing in users who engage with your app.

See Which Sources Bring in the Most Engaged Users
Sessions and Active Devices  ·  Average Retention

In the Metrics tab, look at Sessions compared to Active Devices to see how often users return to your app. Active devices are the number of devices with at least one session during a given period. Filter the data by App Purchase date and then filter by other campaigns you’ve run to see which campaign resulted in users with higher average sessions per active device.

See Which Sources Bring in Paying Users

To understand which sources are better at attracting users who spend within your app, calculate the average sales per user by source.

See Which Sources Bring in Paying Users
Campaigns and Referrers  ·  Average Sales per Paying User

In the Sources tab, you can get a general sense of your campaigns, app referrers, and web referrers in the Sales column. Compare campaigns that started at different times by filtering the data by App Purchase date.

Measure Marketing Creative

Strong marketing materials are as important to user acquisition as selecting the right marketing channels. Even minor adjustments to your creative can result in a significant increase in the effectiveness of your marketing.

Create different versions of your marketing campaigns, adjusting elements of your creative such as copy, calls to action, icons, characters, or screenshots. Tag each version with a different campaign link to see which version results in better conversion.

Elements of your App Store product page should reflect your best-performing marketing creative to create a seamless experience through each stage of the acquisition funnel.