AR Creation Tools

Reality Composer is a powerful tool that makes it easy for you to create interactive augmented reality experiences with no prior 3D experience. Reality Converter quickly converts your existing 3D models to USDZ so it works seamlessly in our tools and on all AR-enabled iPhone and iPad devices.

Reality Composer

Reality Composer for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS makes it easy to build, test, tune, and simulate AR experiences for iPhone or iPad. With live linking, you can rapidly move between Mac and iPhone or Mac and iPad to create stunning AR experiences, then export them to AR Quick Look or integrate them into your app with Xcode.

Built-in AR Library

Import your own USDZ files or take advantage of the hundreds of ready-to-use virtual objects in the built-in AR library. This library harnesses the power of procedural content generation for a variety of assets, so you can customize a virtual object’s size, style, and more.

Animations and Audio

Add animations that let you move, scale, and add emphasis like a “wiggle” or “spin” to virtual objects. You can choose for actions to happen when a user taps an object, comes in close proximity with it, or activates some other trigger. You can also take advantage of spatial audio to add a new level of reality to your AR scene.

Seamless Tools

Reality Composer is included with Xcode and is also available as an iOS and iPadOS app, so you can build, test, tune, and simulate AR experiences entirely on iPhone or iPad. And thanks to live linking, you can rapidly move between platforms create stunning, complex AR experiences on the devices that work best for you.

Record and Play

With Reality Composer for iOS, you can record sensor and camera data in the location where the AR experience will take place, then replay it later on your iOS device while building your app.

Export to USDZ

Reality Composer now supports export to USDZ which includes support for all animations, anchors and spatial audio authored in Reality Composer.

Reality Converter beta

The new Reality Converter app makes it easy to convert, view, and customize USDZ 3D objects on Mac. Simply drag-and-drop common 3D file formats, such as .obj, .gltf and .usd, to view the converted USDZ result, customize material properties with your own textures, and edit file metadata. You can even preview your USDZ object under a variety of lighting and environment conditions with built-in IBL options.



Reality Composer for macOS is bundled with Xcode, which is available on the Mac App Store.

View on the Mac App Store

Reality Composer

Reality Composer for iOS and iPadOS is available on the App Store.

View on the App Store

Reality Converter

The Reality Converter app makes it easy to convert, view, and customize USDZ 3D objects on Mac.

Download (70.7 MB)

USDZ Tools

Download essential Python-based tools for generating, validating, and inspecting USDZ files. Also includes a converter that creates USDZ from other 3D file formats along with Pixar’s USD library and sample scripts.

Download (43.2 MB)