System Icons

The system provides lots of small icons—representing common tasks and types of content—for use in navigation bars and tab bars. It’s a good idea to use these built-in icons as much as possible because they're familiar to people.

Use system icons as intended. Every system-provided image has a specific, well-known meaning. To avoid confusing users, it’s essential that each image be used in accordance with its meaning and recommended usage.

Design a custom icon if you can’t find a system-provided one that meets your needs. It’s better to design your own than to misuse a system-provided image. See Custom Icons.

Use the following icons in navigation bars. For developer guidance, see UIBarButtonItem.

Tip You can use text instead of icons to represent items in a navigation bar. You can also use a fixed space element to provide padding between navigation and toolbar icons.

Icon Name Meaning API
Action navigation bar icon Action Shows a modal view containing share extensions and tasks that are useful in the current context. action
Add navigation bar icon Add Creates a new item. add
Bookmarks navigation bar icon Bookmarks Shows app-specific bookmarks. bookmarks
Cancel Cancel Closes the current view or ends edit mode without saving changes. cancel
Done Done Saves the state and closes the current view, or exits edit mode. done
Edit Edit Enters edit mode in the current context. edit
Fast forward navigation bar icon Fast Forward Fast-forwards through media playback. fastForward
Organize navigation bar icon Organize Moves an item to a new destination, such as a folder. organize
Pause navigation bar icon Pause Pauses media playback. Always store the current location when pausing, so playback can resume later. pause
Play navigation bar icon Play Begins or resumes media playback. play
Redo Redo Redoes the last action that was undone. redo
Refresh navigation bar icon Refresh Refreshes content. Use this icon sparingly, as your app should refresh content automatically whenever possible. refresh
Reply navigation bar icon Reply Sends or routes an item to another person or location. reply
Rewind navigation bar icon Rewind Moves backwards through media playback. rewind
Save Save Saves the current state. save
Search navigation bar icon Search Displays a search field. search
Trash navigation bar icon Trash Deletes the current or selected item. trash
Undo Undo Undoes the last action. undo

Tab Bar Icons

Use the following icons in tab bars. For developer guidance, see UITabBarItem.

Icon Name Meaning API
Bookmarks tab bar icon Bookmarks Shows app-specific bookmarks. bookmarks
Contacts tab bar icon Contacts Shows the person’s contacts. contacts
Downloads tab bar icon Downloads Shows active or recent downloads. downloads
Favorites tab bar icon Favorites Shows the person’s favorite items. favorites
Featured tab bar icon Featured Shows content featured by the app. featured
History tab bar icon History Shows recent actions or activity. history
More tab bar icon More Shows additional tab bar items. more
Most recent tab bar icon Most Recent Shows the most recent items. mostRecent
Most viewed tab bar icon Most Viewed Shows the most popular items. mostViewed
Search tab bar icon Search Enters a search mode. search
Top rated tab bar icon Top Rated Shows the highest-rated items. topRated