Apple Pay Payment Requests

You can allow people to use Apple Pay to quickly and securely pay for products and services without leaving the conversation. A payment request looks like a normal chat bubble, but displays the familiar Apple Pay payment sheet when selected by the customer. After the customer authorizes payment, the payment request chat bubble updates to reflect that payment is complete.

Screenshot of a Business Chat conversation about ordering a birthday bouquet of flowers. The chat includes several text bubbles and one bubble that contains a photo of colorful flowers, an Apple Pay button, and a link to a page where the customer can place the order.

Collect necessary information before checkout. On the payment sheet, the customer can choose a card, shipping or pickup address, and billing address. However, there’s no way to input additional data, so collect information like product options or promo codes ahead of time.

Send an order confirmation message after checkout. Thank the customer for the purchase and share important information like the order number and, if applicable, anticipated shipping timeframe.

Support order tracking. Let the customer check the status of an order by sending a message, such as “When will my order arrive?”.

For related design guidance, including information about customizing the payment sheet and supporting in-store pickup, subscriptions, and donations, see Apple Pay.