Pickers make it easy for customers to choose from a set of options. Business Chat offers two types of pickers: list pickers and time pickers.

Provide appropriate picker titles. A title should clearly identify the contents of the picker.

List Pickers

A list picker prompts the customer to select one or more items, such as products or locations. Items can include text and images, and can also be organized into sections. For example, when presenting product options, your list picker could include a color choice section and a size choice section.

Screenshot of a list of service options, such as send a gift, order status, edit recipient details, and change delivery date.

For developer guidance, see List Picker.

Keep section and item text clear and succinct. To avoid text truncation, be mindful of different device screen sizes and keep text as short as possible, while still retaining clarity.

Use high-resolution images at the correct scale. If your list picker includes images, provide those images at a size of 180px × 180px (60pt × 60pt @3x). All images should be provided at @3x resolution. For guidance, see Designing High-Resolution Images.

Strive for a manageable list size. When you present lots of options at once, you run the risk of overwhelming the customer. Provide digestible lists that encourage quick choices with minimal scrolling. If a list seems too long or complex, consider separating it into a series of separate list pickers that can be presented individually.

Time Pickers

A time picker prompts the customer to choose an available time slot, such as to schedule a meeting or appointment. The time picker view also shows calendar conflicts so that customers can make an informed decision.

After picking a time, customers can revisit their choice in the conversation view to add the event to Calendar. When the event includes information like an address, directions, or contact details, customers can view this information in Calendar and get a Maps notification that helps them know when to leave for the appointment.

Screenshot of a list of dates, each of which lists several times of day within blue buttons. The list also displays an existing event from the customer's calendar.

For developer guidance, see Time Picker.

Provide location details when relevant. If you return location details when the customer chooses a time slot, the customer can revisit their choice in the conversation to get directions to the location.

With the customer’s permission, send reminders for upcoming appointments. Ask for permission before enrolling the customer in push notifications and provide an easy way for them to opt out.