A rich link is a URL provided through an image or video that you display in a chat bubble. When people tap the image or video, it opens the link on your website, where you can display information about the item or play the video. Rich links help customers verify that they've selected the item they want before they get more details about it or purchase it. Because you display a rich link within the Messages app, people can tap the link to visit your website and easily return to the conversation. For developer guidance, see Sending Rich Link Messages.

Keep the experience focused on the product. Avoid overloading people with too many different images or videos.

Use descriptive, approachable language to title a rich link. The title should provide context for the image or video displayed above it. Avoid using your company name or URL to title a rich link because this information doesn't help customers understand why they might want to tap it. Display your website URL below the title so people know where the link will take them.

Always include a video thumbnail or image. If you don't supply a thumbnail for a rich link, customers won't see a preview of the content and might even interpret the message as an unwanted communication from your company. Similarly, displaying a plain link without an image doesn't provide context or encourage customers to open it.

Screenshot of a Business Chat conversation in which the customer asks about buying a cabinet. The company provides a recommendation along with an image of a cabinet, the cabinet's price, and the company's web address. The customer can tap the image to open the link.

White check in a green circle to indicate correct usage.

Screenshot of a Business Chat conversation in which the customer asks to schedule a delivery. The company response includes a bubble that contains the company's name and web address and the phrase 'tap to load preview' instead of an image.

White X in a gray circle to indicate incorrect usage.

Supply high-resolution images at the right scale. Rich link images and video thumbnails should look clean and crisp. For guidance, see Designing High-Resolution Images.