App Icon

Every CarPlay app needs a beautiful, memorable icon that stands out on the Home screen and is easy to tap while driving.

The Audiobooks app icon, an orange square with rounded edges showing an image of blank open book. The Maps app icon, a square with rounded edges showing a section of a map with a blue highlighted route. The Messages app icon, a green square with rounded edges showing an image of a blank speech bubble. The Music app ucon, a white square with rounded edges showing an image of a blue and red double-eighth musical note. The Now Playing icon, a red square with rounded edges showing a white arrow pointing to the right. The Phone app icon, a green square with rounded edges showing an old-fashioned white phone handset. The Podcasts app icon, a purple square with rounded edges showing an image of two circles expanding out from a stylized person.

Mirror your iPhone app icon. A well-designed app icon works well in CarPlay and on iPhone, without the need for a second design.

Don't use black for your icon’s background. Lighten a black background or add a border so the icon doesn’t blend into the display background.

Provide a single focus point. Design an icon with a single, centered point that immediately captures attention and clearly identifies your app.

Embrace simplicity. Add details cautiously. If an icon’s content or shape is overly complex, the details can be hard to discern. Design an icon that instantly communicates your app’s purpose. For example, the Messages app icon uses a chat bubble, which is universally associated with messaging.

Make sure your icon is opaque (not transparent), and keep the background simple. Give your icon a simple background so it doesn’t overpower other app icons nearby. You don’t need to fill the entire icon with content.

Use words only when they’re essential or part of a logo. An app’s name appears below its icon on the Home screen. Don’t include nonessential words that repeat the name or tell people what to do with your app, like “Play.” If your design includes any text, emphasize words that relate to the actual content your app offers.

Don’t include photos, screenshots, or interface elements. Photographic details can be very hard to see at small sizes. Screenshots are too complex for an app icon and don’t generally help communicate your app’s purpose. Interface elements in an icon are misleading and confusing.

Don’t place your app icon throughout the interface. It can be confusing to see an icon used for different purposes throughout an app. Instead, consider incorporating your icon’s color scheme. See Color.

Keep icon corners square. The system applies a mask that rounds icon corners automatically.

For iPhone app icon design guidance, see App Icon in iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

App Icon Sizes

In addition to its iPhone app icons, your app must include CarPlay app icons in the following sizes.

120px by 120px (60pt by 60pt @2x)
180px by 180px (60pt by 60pt @3x)