Users can interact with a CarPlay app by performing gestures on the car’s built-in touchscreen display. CarPlay supports both low-fidelity and high-fidelity touchscreen displays. High-fidelity screens have lower finger-tracking latency than low-fidelity screens, and therefore support more gestures. Depending on the display, CarPlay apps can respond single-finger gestures, as follows.

Gesture Usage Low-fidelity screen High-fidelity screen
Tap Activates a control or selects an item.
Double-tap Zooms in and centers content.
Touch and hold Activates a control for a period of time. For example, touching and holding the Next Track button in the Music app fast-forwards the currently playing track.
Flick Scrolls or pans quickly.
Drag Moves an element from side-to-side or drags an element across the screen.



Touch and hold



Minimize touchscreen interactions. Don’t expect people to keep reaching out to touch the screen, especially while the car is in motion. Require as few manual interactions as possible to reach content and initiate functions.