Voice (Siri)

Siri is an essential feature of CarPlay that facilitates distraction-free, voice-driven app interactions. Certain types of apps can integrate with Siri to perform tasks in response to spoken commands and questions from users.

Type of app Supported Siri interactions
Automaker apps Change the audio source.
Change the climate.
Change the defroster settings.
Change seat settings.
Change the radio station.
Save and load driver profiles.
Messaging apps Send messages.
Read received messages.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps Start audio calls.

A voice command button on the steering wheel activates Siri, even when CarPlay isn’t visible on the car’s built-in display. Once activated, Siri handles the language processing and semantic analysis needed to turn spoken requests into actionable instructions your app can handle. You’re responsible for defining the tasks your app handles. Your app must validate the information it receives, provide information for Siri to present, and take action. While validating information, if something is missing or unclear, your app can instruct Siri to request confirmation or more information.

Screenshot of the Music app in CarPlay displaying the multicolored waveform that indicates Siri is in operation and the text, 'What can I help you with?'

Respond quickly and minimize interaction. People use Siri for convenience, so don't make them wait for a response. Your app should validate information and take action as quickly as possible after receiving a request. When clarification or additional information is needed, present efficient, focused choices that reduce the possibility of additional prompting.

Increase accuracy with custom vocabulary. Help Siri learn more about the actions your app performs by defining specific terms people might use in requests. These terms should be nongeneric and unique to your app. Never include other app names, terms that are obviously connected with other apps, inappropriate language, or reserved phrases, such as “Hey Siri.” Note that any terms you define are used by Siri to help resolve requests, but aren’t guaranteed to be recognized.

For developer guidance, see SiriKit Programming Guide.