Automaker Apps

Automakers can design custom apps that provide information, expose useful functionality, and control built-in vehicle features—like climate controls, GPS, and the radio—without leaving the CarPlay experience.

Mockup of an automaker app showing climate controls and the outside temperature.

Limit controls and content to what's relevant in the car. Exposing every feature of your iPhone app through CarPlay can make your app more complex and less safe to use while driving. Don’t offer features that aren’t useful to drivers.

Prefer standard controls. A subset of system-provided user interface controls are optimized for CarPlay, including buttons, labels, navigation bars, tab bars, and tables. See System Elements. Displaying interface controls that don't match the visual style of other CarPlay apps can result in a fragmented and confusing user experience.

Avoid redesigning standard controls. The system-provided controls offer consistency and are optimized for legibility and interactivity in the car. If you must design custom versions of standard controls, make sure they’re similar in appearance to standard CarPlay controls, and large enough to see and interact with while driving.

Never mimic the design of the car's native interface. Your app should have the familiar look and feel of other CarPlay apps.

For related guidance, see Visual Design.