Successful branding involves more than just displaying a logo throughout your app. Great apps express their unique brand identity through smart font, color, and image decisions.

For related design guidance, see Color, Typography, and Icons and Images.

Incorporate refined, unobtrusive branding. People don’t use CarPlay apps to see advertising. If they’re using your app, you’ve already sold them on it. For the best experience, subtly incorporate your brand through your app’s design. For example, consider using colors from your app icon throughout the interface.

Focus on consistency and functionality over branding. Make sure your app feels like a CarPlay app. It should be intuitive, easy to navigate, easy to use, and offer functionality that's useful while driving.

Adhere to Apple's trademark guidelines. Apple trademarks should not appear in your app name or imagery. See Apple Trademark List and Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks.

TIP The App Store offers more opportunities to highlight your brand. For guidance, see App Store Marketing Guidelines.