Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews help people make informed decisions when considering whether to try out your app. Positive ratings and reviews can mean more downloads of your app, and customer feedback gives you insight into real world usage that helps direct future development efforts.

Delivering a great overall experience is the best way to encourage positive ratings and reviews, but it’s also important to ask for feedback at appropriate times. Keep these considerations in mind when asking people to rate your app.

Ask for a rating only after the user has demonstrated engagement with your app. For example, prompt the user upon the completion of a game level or productivity task. Never ask for a rating on first launch or during onboarding. Allow ample time to form an opinion.

Don’t interrupt the user, especially when they’re performing a time-sensitive or stressful task. Look for logical pauses or stopping points, where a rating request makes the most sense.

Don’t be a pest. Repeated rating prompts can be irritating, and may even negatively influence the user’s opinion of your app. Allow at least a week or two between rating requests and only prompt again after the user has demonstrated additional engagement with your app.

System Rating and Review Prompts

The system offers a consistent, nonintrusive way for apps to request ratings and reviews. To use this feature, you simply identify places in your app's user experience where it makes sense to ask for feedback. If the user hasn't already given feedback, the system displays an in-app prompt that asks for a rating and an optional written review. The user can supply feedback or dismiss the prompt with a single tap. (In Settings, the user can also opt out of receiving these rating prompts for all apps they have installed.) The system automatically limits the display of the prompt to three occurrences per app within a 365-day period.

Prefer the system-provided prompt. The system's rating prompt offers a familiar, efficient experience that's designed to engage the user with minimal impact.

Don't use buttons or other controls to request feedback. Since the system limits how often rating prompts occur, attempting to request feedback in response to a control may result in no rating prompt being displayed.

For developer guidance, see SKStoreReviewController in StoreKit.

TIP Responding to reviews is a great way to communicate with users, address concerns, and potentially improve your app’s rating. For best practices, see Responding to Reviews on the App Store.