Text Views

A text view displays multiline, styled text content. Text views can be any height and enable scrolling when the content extends outside of the view. By default, content within a text view is left-aligned and uses the system font in black. If a text view is editable, a keyboard appears when you tap inside the view.

Keep text legible. Although you can use multiple fonts, colors, and alignments in creative ways, it’s essential to maintain the readability of your content. It’s a good idea to adopt Dynamic Type so your text still looks good if people change text size on their device. You should also test your content with accessibility options enabled, such as bold text. See Accessibility.

Show the appropriate keyboard type. iOS provides several different keyboard types, each designed to facilitate a different type of input. To streamline data entry, the keyboard displayed during the editing of a text view should be appropriate for the type of content in the field. For a complete list of available keyboard types, see the UIKeyboardType constant of UITextInputTraits.

For developer guidance, see UITextView.