Restoring State

People shouldn't need to retrace steps to resume their previous task when restarting your app.

Preserve and restore your app’s state so people can continue where they left off. For example, reopen and restore the sizes and positions of any documents and windows that were open when the user quit your app, logged out, or restarted.

Configure reopened windows as expected. For the most part, people expect windows to reopen how they were last configured. For example, the visibility of sidebars and the sizes of split views should be restored. A couple exceptions to this rule are:

  • An app with a pane or sidebar consisting of multiple subviews—like the Sort & Filter pane in Numbers—should revert to its default view when the window is restored.
  • An app—like System Preferences—whose main view serves strictly as a launcher for other views should always open to the main view.