Scope Buttons

A scope button appears in a scope bar above a view. Clicking a scope button restricts the scope of content, such as search results, within the view. When searching for files and folders in the Finder, a scope bar offers buttons the user can click to scope the search to specific locations. Scope buttons typically contain text, but can also contain icons.

Screenshot of a Finder window, highlighted to show the Desktop scope button in the scope bar.

Only display a scope button in a scope bar. Scope buttons aren’t intended for use outside of scope bars.

Screenshot of a Finder window with callouts to the Desktop scope button (the callout text is "Recessed") and the Save button (the callout text is "Rounded").

Apply the appropriate bezel style to a scope button. There are two bezel styles available to scope buttons. A recessed bezel is reserved for scope buttons that toggle on and off to narrow focus. A rounded bezel is reserved for scope buttons that initiate an action or specify search criteria.

For related guidance, see Search and Spotlight, and Search Fields. For developer guidance, see NSButton, NSButtonCell, NSRecessedBezelStyle, and NSRoundRectBezelStyle.