Image Wells

An image well is an editable version of an image view. For example, the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane includes an image well that lets the user change the desktop picture.

Image wells support the following editing actions:

Editing action Description
Drag and drop The user can drag a new image into the image view.
Delete The user can press the Delete key to clear the content of the view or revert it to a default image.
Copy and Paste The user can copy the content of the image view or replace it with new pasted content.

An image view must be selected (visibly denoted by a selection ring around the image view) to perform delete, copy, and paste editing functions.

Revert to a default image when appropriate. Some image wells, like the desktop picture, must always contain an image. If your image well requires an image, display the default image again if the user clear’s the content of the image well.

Provide the standard copy and paste menu options if your image view supports these actions. The menu options inform the user that copy and paste is supported, and provide alternate ways to initiate the actions. This may be especially useful to users that are utilizing accessibility to navigate your interface.

For related guidance, see Image Views.