Game Center Images

If your app is a game, the Game Center dashboard provides additional opportunities to immerse people in eye-catching imagery.

For a downloadable leaderboard artwork template that can help you position your content, see Resources. For developer guidance, see Game Center Programming Guide.

Achievement Icons

An opaque image is required for each achievement, visually representing a goal that a user has attained during gameplay. The system automatically crops an achievement icon to a circle, so be sure to keep primary content centered. Achievement icons are for display only and aren’t focusable.

Achievement Icon Grid

Aspect Icon size (@1x) Icon size (@2x)
Visible/Safe zone size 200px × 200px (200pt × 200pt @1x) 400px × 400px (200pt × 200pt @2x)
Actual size 320px × 320px (320pt × 320pt @1x) 640px × 640px (320pt × 320pt @2x)

Dashboard Artwork

This optional image, such as a game logo, appears at the top of your game’s dashboard. Transparency may be used to let the background show through the image. Dashboard artwork is not focusable.

Dashboard Artwork Grid

Aspect Artwork size (@1x) Artwork size (@2x)
Actual size 923px × 150px (923pt × 150pt @1x) 1846px × 300px (923pt × 150pt @2x)

Leaderboard Artwork

Provide between one and three single-layer or multilayer images with an aspect ratio of 16:9 for each leaderboard or leaderboard set in your game. The back layer of the art must be opaque. At runtime, a dark gradient may overlay your image from bottom to top, and you can place text above the bottom right corner. These images are focusable. A small, circular gesture on the remote’s touch surface enacts the focus effect.

Leadboard Artwork Grid

Aspect Artwork size (@1x) Artwork size (@2x)
Actual size 659px × 371px (659pt × 371pt @1x) 1318px × 742px (659pt × 371pt @2x)
Focused/Safe zone size 618px × 348px (618pt × 348pt @1x) 1236px × 696px (618pt × 348pt @2x)
Unfocused size 548px × 309px (548pt × 309pt @1x) 1096px × 618px (548pt × 309pt @2x)