TV Provider Authentication

Many popular TV providers allow people to sign in to their accounts at the system level, eliminating the need to authenticate on an app-by-app basis. If your app requires people to sign in, use TV Provider Authentication to provide the most efficient onboarding experience.

Avoid providing a second sign-in button. Offering a second button for TV Provider Authentication clutters your UI and risks confusing people. Prefer integrating TV Provider Authentication into your existing authentication flow.

Screenshot of a generic TV provider screen. The sign in button is selected.

Avoid displaying a sign-out option when people are signed in at the system level. If your app must include a sign-out option, invoking it should prompt people to navigate to Settings > Accounts > TV Provider to sign out of their account.

Never instruct people to sign out by adjusting privacy controls. The TV provider controls in Settings > General > Privacy aren’t a sign-out mechanism. These settings help people manage the apps that can access their TV provider account.