Video Content

Video content is paramount to viewers. To enhance the video experience you provide, focus on the content and minimize distractions. For great results, use the built-in Apple TV video player for playback (for guidance, see Video Player).

Defer to content when displaying logos or noninteractive overlays above video. A small, unobtrusive logo or countdown timer may be appropriate for your video. Avoid large, distracting overlays that don’t contribute to the viewing experience. People care about seeing content without distractions, and will appreciate a clean, uncluttered viewing experience.

Show interactive overlays gracefully. Some videos display interactive overlays, such as quizzes, surveys, and progress check-ins. For the best user experience, implement a minimum delay of 0.5 seconds to pause playing media, and display an interactive overlay. Provide a clear way to dismiss the overlay and resume media playback after user interaction is complete.

Provide additional information when it adds value. Customize a video’s additional information by providing an image, title, description, and other useful information. Generally, restrict this content to eight lines or fewer so that it doesn’t obscure media playback.

For information and resources for streaming video, see HTTP Live Streaming. To provide the best experience streaming video content to Apple TV, adhere to the requirements and guidelines in HLS Authoring Specification for Apple TV.