The Apple TV video player lets people enjoy media within your app and is designed uniquely for the touch experience. Its seamless integration with the Siri Remote allows viewers to use fluid, intuitive gestures to move through their media.

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Using the remote, viewers can:

  • Scan quickly through a video by gliding a thumb across the touch surface
  • Skip forward and backward in a video by clicking on the left and right sides of the touch surface
  • Skip forward or backward through chapters by clicking to reveal the video timeline and then clicking on the left and right sides of the touch surface
  • Fast-forward or backward by clicking and holding on the left and right sides of the touch surface
  • Swipe downward to display additional information such as subtitles, chapters, audio tracks, and speaker output options in the info panel

Use the system video player. The built-in video player is designed to provide an exceptional video playback experience. Its controls are minimal and unobtrusive, keeping the media as the center of attention. Unless your app truly requires a custom video player, use the system video player to produce a consistent media viewing experience across the platform.

Defer to content when displaying logos or noninteractive overlays above video. A small, unobtrusive logo or countdown timer may be appropriate for your video. Avoid large, distracting overlays that don’t contribute to the viewing experience. People care about seeing content without distractions, and will appreciate a clean, uncluttered viewing experience.

Show interactive overlays gracefully. Some videos display interactive overlays, such as quizzes, surveys, and progress check-ins. For the best user experience, implement a minimum delay of 0.5 seconds to pause playing media, and display an interactive overlay. Provide a clear way to dismiss the overlay and resume media playback once user interaction is complete.

Provide additional information when it adds value. Customize a video’s additional information by providing an image, title, description, and other useful information. Generally, restrict this content to eight lines or fewer so that it doesn’t obscure media playback.

For information and resources for streaming video, see HTTP Live Streaming. To provide the best experience streaming video content to Apple TV, adhere to the requirements and guidelines in HLS Authoring Specification for Apple TV.

Info Panel

The built-in video player includes an info panel that displays information about the video and lets viewers change settings for items such as subtitles, spoken languages, or speaker output. By default, the info panel contains three tabs titled Info, Subtitles, and Audio. (The TV app uses Chapters in place of Info.) You can provide a fourth tab if people need to access content-specific information or settings that you support.

Use a short, actionable term to title the tab. The title should make it easy for people to predict the information the tab contains. For example, you might use "Record," "Favorites," or "Restart."

Provide only the most critical information in your info panel tab. People shouldn't have to scroll to read the content you display.

Avoid asking people to input information. People typically open an info panel while they're watching a video, so they don't want to take the time to input data. A useful info panel helps people make a few essential choices and lets them return quickly to viewing the video.