Groups help you lay out other elements, such as images and labels. A group has attributes for specifying position, size, margins, and other layout-related properties. It also has a background image, color, and corner radius that can transform the group into a visual element.

Use groups to arrange items horizontally or vertically. All items in a group are laid out in the same horizontal or vertical line. Use the group’s inter-item spacing attribute to add space between items. Use the group’s margins to add space between the group and its surrounding items.

Nest groups to mix horizontal and vertical content. You can use nesting to achieve specific layouts for content. For example, you can place multiple vertical groups inside a single horizontal group.

Optimize the images you use for the background of your group. Strive to use images that are small and efficient and still achieve the desired goal. For tips on how to optimize your images, see Image Optimizations.

For developer guidance, see WKInterfaceGroup.