Accelerometer and Gyroscope

Accelerometer and gyroscope data can be used for fitness and health-related activities or for games. You can use motion data to gauge the user’s activity level and track specific types of movement, such as arm movements made during a workout. Apple Watch lets you record sensor data for several days so that you can identify long-term movement patterns.

Use motion data to offer a tangible benefit to the user. The gathering of motion data should offer a tangible benefit to the user. For example, fitness apps use the data to provide feedback about the user’s activity and general health. Do not record data simply to have the data.

Avoid using the accelerometers or gyroscopes for the direct manipulation of your app’s interface. Touch events, gestures, the Digital Crown, and Force Touch menus are more precise ways for users to interact with your interface. Some motion-based gestures may be difficult to replicate precisely, may be physically challenging for some users to perform, and may cause the screen to dim.