Express brand identity through your font, color, and image choices. Those choices help create your unique style.

Avoid displaying your logo in your app. Space is limited. Use that space for content, not for nonfunctional branding elements.

Don’t include a launch screen. Interactions on Apple Watch are meant to be quick, so users expect to view their content right away.

Make sure custom fonts are legible. Custom fonts let you communicate your brand, but legibility is paramount. Use custom fonts selectively for larger text elements, falling back to the system font when needed. For more information, see Typography.

Use your brand color for your app's global tint color. Apple Watch automatically applies your global tint color to interface elements, so this is a great way to reinforce your brand. If your brand color is dark, there may not be enough contrast for your text to be legible on the black background. Consider lightening or saturating your global tint color to improve the contrast.

Avoid filling background areas with logos or
brand colors.
Use a black background and apply colors to specific elements instead. Keeping the background simple reduces visual noise and improves the legibility of text.