Copies the contents of a submatrix to another submatrix; single precision.


func vDSP_mmov(_ __A: UnsafePointer<Float>, _ __C: UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>, _ __M: vDSP_Length, _ __N: vDSP_Length, _ __TA: vDSP_Length, _ __TC: vDSP_Length)



Single-precision real input submatrix.


Single-precision real output submatrix.


Number of columns in A and C


Number of rows in A and C


Number of columns in the matrix of which A is a submatrix.


Number of columns in the matrix of which C is a submatrix.


The matrices are assumed to be stored in row-major order. Thus elements A[i][j] and A[i][j+1] are adjacent. Elements A[i][j] and A[i+1][j] are TA elements apart.

This function may be used to move a subarray beginning at any point in a larger embedding array by passing for A the address of the first element of the subarray. For example, to move a subarray starting at A[3][4], pass &A[3][4]. Similarly, the address of the first destination element is passed for C

M may equal TA, and it may equal TC. To copy all of an array to all of another array, pass the number of rows in N and the number of columns in M, TA, and TC.

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