Performs an out-of-place multiplication of two matrices; single precision.


func vDSP_mmul(_ __A: UnsafePointer<Float>, _ __IA: vDSP_Stride, _ __B: UnsafePointer<Float>, _ __IB: vDSP_Stride, _ __C: UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>, _ __IC: vDSP_Stride, _ __M: vDSP_Length, _ __N: vDSP_Length, _ __P: vDSP_Length)



Single-precision real M-by-P input matrix.


Stride for A.


Single-precision real P-by-N input matrix.


Stride for B.


Single-precision real M-by-N result matrix.


Stride for C.


The number of rows in matrices A and C.


The number of columns in matrices B and C.


The number of columns in matrix A and the number of rows in matrix B.


This function multiplies an M-by-P matrix A by a P-by-N matrix B and stores the results in an M-by-N matrix C.

This performs the following operation:

mathematical formula

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