Applies a double-precision single-channel biquad IIR filter.


func vDSP_biquadD(_ __Setup: OpaquePointer, _ __Delay: UnsafeMutablePointer<Double>, _ __X: UnsafePointer<Double>, _ __IX: vDSP_Stride, _ __Y: UnsafeMutablePointer<Double>, _ __IY: vDSP_Stride, _ __N: vDSP_Length)



The vDSP_biquadm_Setup object defining the filter to apply.


An array of double-precision values initialized with “past” state data (elements -2 and -1) for each section of the biquad. After this function executes, this array contains the final state data of the filters. See Discussion below.


An array of double-precision input data for the channel.


Stride for X.


An array to be filled with double-precision output data for the channel.


Stride for Y.


The number of elements to filter.


This function is the same as vDSP_biquad(_:_:_:_:_:_:_:), except for the types of arrays Delay, X, and Y.

See Also

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