Applies a single-precision multichannel biquad IIR filter.


func vDSP_biquadm(_ __Setup: vDSP_biquadm_Setup, _ __X: UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafePointer<Float>>, _ __IX: vDSP_Stride, _ __Y: UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>>, _ __IY: vDSP_Stride, _ __N: vDSP_Length)



The vDSP_biquadm_Setup object defining the filter to apply.


An array of pointers, each of which specifies an array of single-precision input data for a single channel.


Stride for X (see Discussion below).


An array of pointers, each of which specifies an array to be filled with single-precision output data for a single channel.


Stride for Y (see Discussion below).


The number of elements to filter.


For each channel, this function applies a cascaded biquad filter to the input values specified by the channel’s pointer in X, and places the results in the array specified by the corresponding pointer in Y.

The data for multiple channels can be interleaved in memory. In this case the stride must be equal to the number of channels, and the pointers to consecutive channels must point to consecutive locations in memory.

The state contained in the setup object is updated upon return.

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