Returns the maximum sampling radius for a resampling filter.


func vImageGetResamplingFilterExtent(_ filter: ResamplingFilter, _ flags: vImage_Flags) -> vImagePixelCount



The resampling filter to query.


The flags you intend to pass to the horizontal or vertical shear function.

Return Value

The maximum sampling radius for the specified resampling filter.


This function returns the maximum distance from any pixel that the filter will look, either horizontally or vertically, depending on whether a horizontal or vertical shear is used. It's analogous to kernelWidth in vImageNewResamplingFilterForFunctionUsingBuffer(_:_:_:_:_:_:), but might be slightly larger to allow for extra slope when dealing with subpixel coordinates during resampling.

See Also

Resampling Filters

func vImageNewResamplingFilter(Float, vImage_Flags) -> ResamplingFilter!

Creates a resampling filter object that corresponds to the default kernel supplied by the vImage framework.

func vImageGetResamplingFilterSize(Float, ((UnsafePointer<Float>?, UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>?, UInt, UnsafeMutableRawPointer?) -> Void)!, Float, vImage_Flags) -> Int

Returns the minimum size, in bytes, for the buffer needed by the function vImageNewResamplingFilterForFunctionUsingBuffer.

func vImageDestroyResamplingFilter(ResamplingFilter!)

Disposes of a resampling filter object.