Returns the dimension of the block for a specified column of a single-precision matrix.


func sparse_get_block_dimension_for_col(_ A: UnsafeMutableRawPointer!, _ j: sparse_index) -> Int



The sparse matrix, A, which must have been created with sparse_matrix_block_create_float(_:_:_:_:), sparse_matrix_block_create_double(_:_:_:_:), sparse_matrix_variable_block_create_float(_:_:_:_:), or sparse_matrix_variable_block_create_double(_:_:_:_:). 0 is returned if not met. A holds block dimensions (fixed or variable) set with matrix object creation routine.


The column to query.

Return Value

The dimension of the block of the specified column.

See Also

Block Dimension Queries

func sparse_get_block_dimension_for_row(UnsafeMutableRawPointer!, sparse_index) -> Int

Returns the dimension of the block for a specified row of a double-precision matrix.

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