Computes an approximation to the definite integral of a function on a specified interval.


func quadrature_integrate(_ __f: UnsafePointer<quadrature_integrate_function>, _ __a: Double, _ __b: Double, _ options: UnsafePointer<quadrature_integrate_options>, _ status: UnsafeMutablePointer<quadrature_status>?, _ abs_error: UnsafeMutablePointer<Double>?, _ workspace_size: Int, _ workspace: UnsafeMutableRawPointer?) -> Double



Pointer to a struct of type quadrature_integrate_function, defined in integration.h. The struct contains a pointer to the integration callback described in the previous chapter, and a pointer that will be passed as the first parameter to the integration callback


Value of type double for the first bound of the integration interval; need not be <= __b. If the chosen algorithm is QAGS, this may be +INFINITY or -INFINITY.


Value of type double for the second bound of the integration interval; need not be >= __a. If the chosen algorithm is QAGS, this may be +INFINITY or -INFINITY.


Pointer to a struct of type quadrature_integrate_options, defined in integration.h. The integration options control the logic of the integration as described in the previous chapter.


Pointer to a variable of type quadrature_status, an enum type defined in Quadrature.h, or NULL. If not NULL, the variable will contain the status of the integration after the function returns. The defined values for the status are given below under “Return value.”


Pointer to a variable of type double, or NULL. If not NULL, the variable will contain the estimated absolute error in the result after the function returns.


Value of type size_t; the size of the workspace you are supplying. Ignored if you are not supplying a workspace.


Pointer to a workspace area you have allocated, or NULL.

Return Value

The function returns the result of the quadrature operation, of type double.

It also stores the status in the variable whose address was passed as the status parameter. The defined status constants are:

  • QUADRATURE_SUCCESS = 0: Success.

  • QUADRATURE_ERROR = -1: Generic error.

  • QUADRATURE_INVALID_ARG_ERROR = -2: Invalid argument.

  • QUADRATURE_ALLOC_ERROR = -3: Memory allocation failed.

  • QUADRATURE_INTERNAL_ERROR = -99: This is a bug in the Quadrature code, please file a bug report.

  • QUADRATURE_INTEGRATE_MAX_EVAL_ERROR = -101: The requested accuracy limit could not be reached with the allowed number of evals/subdivisions.

  • QUADRATURE_INTEGRATE_BAD_BEHAVIOUR_ERROR = -102: Extremely bad integrand behavior, or excessive roundoff error occurs at some points of the integration interval.


On success, the absolute difference between the result S and the mathematically exact definite integral is assumed to be less than max(abs_tolerance, rel_tolerance * abs(S)).

The integration algorithms will identify most cases of divergence, slow convergence, and bad behavior, and report an error. You should always check the returned status and absolute error before assuming that the result is valid.

See Also


struct Quadrature

A structure that approximates the definite integral of a function, over a finite interval.


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