A structure containing common filter parameters.


struct BNNSFilterParameters



Instance Properties

var alloc_memory: BNNSAlloc?

The function called to allocate memory.

var flags: UInt32

A logical or of zero or more values from BNNS flags.

var free_memory: BNNSFree?

The function called to deallocate memory.

var n_threads: Int

The number of worker threads to execute

See Also

Filter Application

func BNNSFilterApply(BNNSFilter?, UnsafeRawPointer, UnsafeMutableRawPointer) -> Int32

Applies a filter to an input, writing out the result to a specified output.

func BNNSFilterApplyBatch(BNNSFilter?, Int, UnsafeRawPointer, Int, UnsafeMutableRawPointer, Int) -> Int32

Applies a filter to a set of input objects, writing out the result to a set of output objects.