A structure that represents the attributes of a matrix.


struct SparseAttributes_t


Instance Properties

struct SparseKind_t

A structure that defines whether the matrix is ordinary, symmetric, or triangular.

var transpose: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the matrix is transposed.

struct SparseTriangle_t

A structure that defines which triangle is stored in a symmetric matrix or whether a triangular matrix is upper or lower.

See Also

Inspecting a Matrix's Structure and Data

var attributes: SparseAttributes_t

The attributes of the matrix, for example, whether it is symmetrical or triangular.

var rowCount: Int32

The number of rows in the matrix.

var columnCount: Int32

The number of columns in the matrix.

var columnStride: Int32

The stride between matrix columns, in bytes.

var data: UnsafeMutablePointer<Double>

The array of double-precision, floating-point values, in column-major order.

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