Instance Property


Maximum number of iterations.


var maxIterations: Int32


If maxIterations is less that zero, a default value of 4n is used. However, if a good preconditioner is available and or the matrix is well conditioned such that singular values are clustered, a value of n/2 may be more appropriate.

See Also

Inspecting LSMR Options

var atol: Double

Either absolute tolerance (SparseLSMRCTDefault) or A tolerance (SparseLSMRCTFongSaunders).

var convergenceTest: SparseLSMRConvergenceTest_t

Convergence test to use for SparseSolve.

var lambda: Double

Damping parameter lambda for regularized least squares.

var nvec: Int32

The number of vectors to use for local reorthogonalization.

var reportError: ((UnsafePointer<Int8>) -> Void)?

Optional error reporting routine.

var reportStatus: ((UnsafePointer<Int8>) -> Void)?

Optional status reporting routine.

var rtol: Double

Relative convergence tolerance (SparseLSMRCTDefault)