A structure that contains a sparse matrix of double-precision, floating-point values.


struct SparseMatrix_Double


The Accelerate framework uses Compressed Sparse Column (CSC) format to store sparse matrices. CSC stores the matrix as a series of column vectors where only the nonzero entries are specified as (row-index, value) pairs.


Creating a Sparse Matrix

init(structure: SparseMatrixStructure, data: UnsafeMutablePointer<Double>)

Creates a sparse matrix with the specified structure containing double-precision values.

Inspecting a Matrix's Structure and Data

var data: UnsafeMutablePointer<Double>

The array of values stored contiguously in the nonzero blocks of the matrix, each block in column-major order.

var structure: SparseMatrixStructure

The sparsity structure of the matrix.

See Also

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Creating Sparse Matrices

Create sparse matrices for factorization and solving systems.

struct SparseMatrix_Float

A structure that contains a sparse matrix of single-precision, floating-point values.

Conversion from Other Formats

Create sparse matrices from coordinate format arrays and BLAS opaque matrices.