Instance Property


An array containing row and column indices to ignore.


var ignoreRowsAndColumns: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int32>?


If this array is not nil, ignoreRowsAndColumns provides a list of rows and columns to ignore, terminated by a negative index.

The row and column indices are for the actual matrix, not its block structure, so 0 indicates the first row, not the first blockSize rows.

In the symmetric case (Cholesky, LDL), each entry indicates that the matching row and column should be ignored.

In the unsymmetric case (QR, Cholesky AᵀA), consider the matrix, A, given the value m, that is defined as either of the following:

  • m = A.structure.rowCount * A.blockSize if A is not transposed

  • m = A.structure.columnCount * A.blockSize if A is transposed

In this case, an index less than m indicates that row m should be ignored. An index i, greater than m, indicates that column i - m should be ignored.

See Also

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var control: SparseControl_t

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struct SparseControl_t

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var reportError: ((UnsafePointer<Int8>) -> Void)?

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var orderMethod: SparseOrder_t

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var order: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int32>?

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var free: (UnsafeMutableRawPointer?) -> Void

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