Instance Property


Function to use to free allocated storage.


var free: (UnsafeMutableRawPointer?) -> Void



Pointer to memory to be freed.


If this function pointer is nil, the system free() is used.

See Also

Inspecting Symbolic Factor Options

var control: SparseControl_t

Flags controlling the computation.

struct SparseControl_t

Options that control the computation.

var reportError: ((UnsafePointer<Int8>) -> Void)?

Function to use to report parameter errors.

var orderMethod: SparseOrder_t

Ordering algorithm to use.

struct SparseOrder_t

Options that define which ordering algorithm to use.

var order: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int32>?

User-supplied array for ordering.

var malloc: (Int) -> UnsafeMutableRawPointer?

Function to use to allocate any storage needed.

var ignoreRowsAndColumns: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int32>?

An array containing row and column indices to ignore.