Use these functions for digital signal processing.


This section describes the C and Swift APIs for performing common routines on a single vector in vDSP. These functions perform tasks such as finding the absolute value of a vector, compressing the values of a vector, or converting between single and double precision vectors.

This document describes the vDSP portion of the Accelerate framework. The vDSP header provides a number of functions related to digital signal processing, including:

  • Vector and matrix arithmetic

  • Fourier transforms

  • Convolution, correlation, and window generation

  • Biquadratic filtering

For an overview that describes how to use these routines, read vDSP Programming Guide.


Data Types

typealias vDSP_Length

Used for numbers of elements in arrays and indices of elements in arrays. It is also used for the base-two logarithm of numbers of elements.

typealias vDSP_Stride

Used to hold differences between indices of elements, including the lengths of strides.

struct DSPComplex

Used to hold a complex value.

struct DSPSplitComplex

A structure that represents a single-precision complex number with the real and imaginary parts stored in separate arrays.

struct DSPDoubleComplex

Used to hold a double-precision complex value.

struct DSPDoubleSplitComplex

A structure that represents a double-precision complex number with the real and imaginary parts stored in separate arrays.


vDSP Compile-Time Version Information

The version of vDSP (at compile time).