Discrete Cosine Transforms

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First Steps

Signal Extraction from Noise

Use Accelerate’s discrete cosine transform to remove noise from a signal.

Equalizing Audio with vDSP

Shape audio output using discrete cosine transforms and biquadratic filters.

Objects that Simplify Discrete Cosine Transforms

class vDSP.DCT

A single-precision discrete cosine transform.

enum vDSP.DCTTransformType

Discrete cosine transform types.

Discrete Cosine Transforms

The functions in the Discrete Cosine Transforms (DCT) family calculate a discrete cosine transform of a specified length on a vector.

func vDSP_DCT_CreateSetup(vDSP_DFT_Setup?, vDSP_Length, vDSP_DCT_Type) -> vDSP_DFT_Setup?

Creates a data structure for use with vDSP_DCT_Execute(_:_:_:) to perform a single-precision, discrete cosine transform.

func vDSP_DCT_Execute(OpaquePointer, UnsafePointer<Float>, UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>)

Calculates the discrete single-precision cosine transform for a vector.