Data Types and Constants


The data types and constants defined in this document are used by vImage functions. The primary vImage data type is the vImage_Buffer, which contains a pointer to image data along with other image data information. The vImage framework also defines data types for planar and interleaved pixel types, a resampling callback filter, and an affine transform. It provides constants that specify errors that can be returned by vImage functions and flags that you can pass to a function to specify a variety of processing options.


Data Types

struct vImage_Buffer

The basic data structure used by vImage functions for passing image data.

typealias vImagePixelCount

A type for the number of pixels.

struct vImage_AffineTransform

A structure for values that represent an affine transformation.

struct vImage_AffineTransform_Double

A structure for values that represent a double-precision affine transformation.

typealias vImage_CGAffineTransform

A structure for values that represent a Core-Graphics-compatible affine transformation.

typealias vImage_Error

A type for image errors.

typealias vImage_Flags

A type for processing options.

typealias Pixel_8

A type for an 8-bit planar pixel value

typealias Pixel_F

A type for a floating-point planar pixel value

typealias Pixel_8888

A type for an interleaved, 8 bits per channel pixel value.

typealias Pixel_FFFF

A type for an interleaved, floating-point pixel value.

typealias GammaFunction

A type for a gamma function.

typealias ResamplingFilter

A pointer to a resampling filter callback function.


Error Codes

Error codes returned by vImage functions.

Processing Flags

Set flags on vImage operations to specify processing options.

Dithering Methods

Constants that define different dithering methods.

Availability Flags

These flags, defined as constants by the SDK, indicate the availability of particular vImage features.

Decode Arrays

Decode array constant to use with 16Q12 formatted data.

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