Error Codes

Error codes returned by vImage functions.



enum vImage.Error

An error that occurs during a vImage operation.

var kvImageNoError: Int

The vImage function completed without error.

var kvImageRoiLargerThanInputBuffer: Int

The region of interest, as specified by the srcOffsetToROI_X and srcOffsetToROI_Y parameters and the height and width of the destination buffer, extends beyond the bottom edge or right edge of the source buffer.

var kvImageInvalidKernelSize: Int

Either the kernel height, the kernel width, or both, are even.

var kvImageInvalidEdgeStyle: Int

The edge style specified is invalid. This usually means that a particular function requires you to set at least one edge option flag (kvImageCopyInPlace, kvImageBackgroundColorFill, or kvImageEdgeExtend), but you did not specify one. See Processing Flags for more information about these flags.

var kvImageInvalidOffset_X: Int

The srcOffsetToROI_X parameter that specifies the left edge of the region of interest is greater than the width of the source image.

var kvImageInvalidOffset_Y: Int

The srcOffsetToROI_Y parameter that specifies the top edge of the region of interest is greater than the height of the source image.

var kvImageMemoryAllocationError: Int

An attempt to allocate memory failed.

var kvImageNullPointerArgument: Int

A pointer parameter is NULL and it must not be.

var kvImageBufferSizeMismatch: Int

The function requires the source and destination buffers to have the same height and the same width, but they do not.

var kvImageUnknownFlagsBit: Int

The flag is not recognized.

var kvImageInternalError: Int

A serious error occured inside vImage, which prevented vImage from continuing.

var kvImageUnsupportedConversion: Int

Some lower level conversion APIs only support conversion among a sparse matrix of image formats.