Image Shearing

Shear images horizontally and vertically.


Single-Precision Horizontal Shearing

Double-Precision Horizontal Shearing

Single-Precision Vertical Shearing

Double-Precision Vertical Shearing

Resampling Filters

func vImageNewResamplingFilter(Float, vImage_Flags) -> ResamplingFilter!

Creates a resampling filter object that corresponds to the default kernel supplied by the vImage framework.

func vImageGetResamplingFilterExtent(ResamplingFilter, vImage_Flags) -> vImagePixelCount

Returns the maximum sampling radius for a resampling filter.

func vImageGetResamplingFilterSize(Float, ((UnsafePointer<Float>?, UnsafeMutablePointer<Float>?, UInt, UnsafeMutableRawPointer?) -> Void)!, Float, vImage_Flags) -> Int

Returns the minimum size, in bytes, for the buffer needed by the function vImageNewResamplingFilterForFunctionUsingBuffer.

func vImageDestroyResamplingFilter(ResamplingFilter!)

Disposes of a resampling filter object.

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