Instance Property


The distance, in bytes, between the start of one pixel row and the next in an image, including any unused space between them.


var rowBytes: Int


The rowBytes value must be at least the width multiplied by the pixel size, where the pixel size depends on the image format. You can provide a larger value, in which case the extra bytes will extend beyond the end of each row of pixels. You may want to do so either to improve performance, or to describe an image within a larger image without copying the data. The extra bytes aren't considered part of the image represented by the vImage buffer.

When allocating floating-point data for images, keep the data 4-byte aligned by allocating bytes as integer multiples of 4. For best performance, allocate bytes as integer multiples of 16.

See Also

Buffer Properties

var data: UnsafeMutableRawPointer!

A pointer to memory for image data.

var height: vImagePixelCount

The height of the image, in pixels.

var width: vImagePixelCount

The width of the image, in pixels.

var size: CGSize

The size of the image, in pixels.