Instance Property


A pointer to memory for image data.


void *data;


The image data can be in planar (Planar8, PlanarF) or interleaved (ARGB8888, ARGBFFFF, RGBA8888, or RGBAFFFF) formats. If you are using the vImage buffer to provide an image, this pointer should point to the top left pixel of the image. If you are providing the vImage buffer to a function that fills the memory with image data (that is, as a destination buffer), this pointer must point to an area of memory that is an appropriate size for the destination buffer. Specifically, the size of the memory, in bytes, must be at least the height of the image data multiplied by the number of row bytes.

See Also

Buffer Properties


The height of the image, in pixels.


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The distance, in bytes, between the start of one pixel row and the next in an image, including any unused space between them.