The description of a Core Graphics image.


struct vImage_CGImageFormat


This structure describes the ordering and number of the color channels, the size and type of the data in the color channels, and whether or not the data is premultiplied by alpha. This format mirrors the image format descriptors used by Core Graphics to create objects such as CGImage and CGBitmapContext.


Instance Properties

var bitmapInfo: CGBitmapInfo

The component information that describes the color channels.

var bitsPerComponent: UInt32

The number of bits needed to represent one channel of data in one pixel.

var bitsPerPixel: UInt32

The number of bits needed to represent one pixel.

var colorSpace: Unmanaged<CGColorSpace>!

A description of the position of the pixel data in the image, relative to a reference XYZ color space.

var componentCount: Int

The number of channels (color and alpha).

var decode: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>!

The decode array for the image.

var renderingIntent: CGColorRenderingIntent

A rendering intent constant that specifies how Core Graphics should handle colors that aren’t located within the destination color space gamut.

var version: UInt32

Reserved for future expansion—pass 0 here.

See Also

Creating Core Graphics Image Formats

struct vImageRGBPrimaries

A structure that represents the chromaticity of primaries defining a color space.

struct vImageWhitePoint

A structure that represents a white point according to the CIE 1931 color space.

struct vImageTransferFunction

A structure that represents a transfer function to convert from linear to nonlinear RGB.