Instance Property


The decode array for the image.


var decode: UnsafePointer<CGFloat>!


Prior to transformations caused by the colorspace, color channels are subject to a linear transformation. This allows for a different range than the typical [0,1.0]. NULL indicates default behavior of [0,1.0] range, and is what you should use if you don't understand this parameter. See description of init(width:height:bitsPerComponent:bitsPerPixel:bytesPerRow:space:bitmapInfo:provider:decode:shouldInterpolate:intent:) for a discussion of decode arrays. See also Decode Arrays section of Chapter 4.8 of the PDF specification. The vImage_CGImageFormat is not capable of managing the memory held by the decode array. If you created a decode array on the heap, you must be sure to release it before all references to it disappear from scope.