A description of a conversion from one image format to another.


typedef struct vImageConverter vImageConverterRef;


The vImageConverterRef class is an opaque type that contains information needed to do a rapid conversion from one image type to another.

You use the converter creation functions, for example, vImageConverter_CreateWithCGImageFormat, to create instances of converters. Sometimes, there can be an overhead when creating a converter, so create them in advance and reuse them. Converters are thread safe; that is, you can use the same object concurrently in multiple threads.

See Also

Converting Any-to-Any

Building a Basic Conversion Workflow

Learn the fundamentals of the convert-any-to-any function by converting a CMYK image to an RGB image.


Converts the pixels in a vImage buffer to another format, using the specified converter.


Creates a vImage converter that converts from one vImage Core Graphics image format to another.


Creates a vImage converter that converts a Core Graphics-formatted image to a Core Video-formatted image.


Creates a vImage converter that converts a Core Video-formatted image to a Core Graphics-formatted image.


Creates a vImage converter to convert from one vImage Core Graphics image format to another, using custom ColorSync transform.


Retains a vImage converter.


Releases a vImage converter.


Determines whether a converter is capable of operating in place.


Returns a list of vImage source buffer channel names, specifying the order of planes.


Returns a list of vImage destination buffer channel names, specifying the order of planes.

vImage Buffer Type Codes

Constants that specify the contents of vImage buffers.


Returns the number of source buffers consumed by the converter.


Returns the number of destination buffers written to by the converter.

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