Instance Method


Initializes an account credential using OAuth 2.


- (instancetype)initWithOAuth2Token:(NSString *)token refreshToken:(NSString *)refreshToken expiryDate:(NSDate *)expiryDate;



The client application’s token.


The client application’s refresh token.


The date the token expires.


Accounts can optionally use the OAuth open authentication standard to authenticate your client application. Instead of the user giving their username and password to log in, the server authenticates the user, and your client application receives a token that grants it access to specific resources for a defined duration. The authentication mechanism uses a key and secret scheme similar to the public and private keys used by ssh. A token is a unique, random string of letters and numbers that is paired with a secret to protect the token from being abused. You initialize account credentials using this token and secret token.

To learn more about OAuth, go to OAuth.

See Also

Initializing Credentials

- initWithOAuthToken:tokenSecret:

Initializes an account credential using OAuth.