Instance Method


Renews account credentials when the credentials are no longer valid.


func renewCredentials(for account: ACAccount!, completion completionHandler: ACAccountStoreCredentialRenewalHandler!)



The account to renew credentials.


The handler to call when the renewal has completed.


For Twitter and Sina Weibo accounts, this method will prompt the user to go to Settings to re-enter their password.

For Facebook accounts, if the access token has become invalid due to a regular expiration, this method will obtain a new one.

If the user has deauthorized your app, this renewal request will return ACAccountCredentialRenewResultRejected.

See Also

Renewing Account Credentials

typealias ACAccountStoreCredentialRenewalHandler

Specifies a handler to call when credentials are renewed.

enum ACAccountCredentialRenewResult

Status codes of credential renewal requests.

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