Codes for errors that may occur.


struct ACErrorCode



var ACErrorUnknown: ACErrorCode

An unknown error occurred.

var ACErrorAccountMissingRequiredProperty: ACErrorCode

An account was not saved because a required property is missing.

var ACErrorAccountAuthenticationFailed: ACErrorCode

An account was not saved because authentication of its credential failed.

var ACErrorAccountTypeInvalid: ACErrorCode

An account was not saved because its account type is invalid.

var ACErrorAccountAlreadyExists: ACErrorCode

An account was not added because it already exists.

var ACErrorAccountNotFound: ACErrorCode

An account was not deleted because it could not be found.

var ACErrorPermissionDenied: ACErrorCode

The operation failed because the application does not have permission to perform the operation.

var ACErrorAccessInfoInvalid: ACErrorCode

The client's access info dictionary has incorrect or missing values.

var ACErrorClientPermissionDenied: ACErrorCode

The client does not have access to the requested data.

var ACErrorAccessDeniedByProtectionPolicy: ACErrorCode

Due to the current protection policy, the credentials could not be fetched.

var ACErrorFetchCredentialFailed: ACErrorCode

The credentials could not be fetched from Keychain.

var ACErrorStoreCredentialFailed: ACErrorCode

The credentials could not be stored in Keychain.

var ACErrorRemoveCredentialFailed: ACErrorCode

The credentials could not be removed from Keychain.

var ACErrorUpdatingNonexistentAccount: ACErrorCode

Account save failed because the account being updated has been removed.

var ACErrorInvalidClientBundleID: ACErrorCode

The client making the request does not have a valid bundle ID.

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let ACErrorDomain: String

The error domain for the Accounts framework.

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